Dear Valued Customer:

We’d like to share some VERY IMPORTANT upcoming changes we are making to the way we manage and support the solar system account you have with us.

  1. Monitoring – Beginning on September 1st, 2021, We will be implementing our Customer Care Package Program. These plans will help us better service your needs and give us the best way of doing that. These plans will not change the way you monitor your system for free. That service is staying the same it always has.

    What is changing is the additional benefits of being a valued customer of Pur Solar & Electrical. We are allowing customers to get extended service at a more affordable price. This will help everyone in budgeting their maintenance of the solar system over the 20-30 years it will last. 
  1. We will begin charging $2.50 PER INVOICE FOR THOSE WHO WANT A PAPER COPY to be mailed out. We will also begin charging $2.50 PER INVOICE if you are not enrolled in our autopay program. You may AVOID BOTH OF THESE CHARGES BY ENROLLING IN ELECTRONIC BILLING AND AUTOPAY.

    For electronic billing, simply send an email to with your name and the address(es) of the system(s) we monitor for you, and tell us the email address you would like us to begin sending the invoices to. For auto payment enrollment, please fill out the enclosed form and email or mail back to us, or drop off at one of our office locations.
  2. We are also restructuring our current service call labor rates for when we make a physical “house call” to your location to service your system. We are moving to a new Customer Care Package format that will help you reduce (or avoid completely) unexpected costly repair bills when your system(s) are repaired or replaced due to equipment failure.

    These changes will affect ALL customers with a solar system serviced and monitored by Pur Solar & Electrical. (Charges for a typical one-hour service call will be reduced by $30 with a BASIC plan)

All customers with a monitored solar system who are not already enrolled in one of the customer care packages will automatically be enrolled in our basic care plan as of September 1st, 2021.

Existing Customers who are already enrolled will automatically be enrolled into our new equivalent “Preferred” plan, though may want to consider upgrading to our VIP service which covers both labor and parts that are out of manufacture warranty.


Q: Why are you changing the way you charge for monitored systems?  You are monitoring the system already, shouldn’t that stay the same since I’m an existing customer? 

A: Despite the ever increasing costs of doing business, we have never charged a base rate for monthly monitoring of solar systems, in fact it was always a free service to our customers. In addition, monitoring charges have never covered the cost of servicing the systems anyway. 

Over the past several years, solar systems have become complex, multi-role control systems that not only help keep you and your solar system 100%, but also have the ability to communicate with and control devices not traditionally thought of as part of a solar system. Devices such as batteries, inverters, module level monitoring can greatly enhance the functionality of your system. These types of devices can easily be automated and manually controlled from anywhere through an app on your smart device or from your computer.

Of course however, the down-side to all of these amazing features, can be that these multi-role functions rely heavily on these very “3rd party” services. Also because of these rapidly changing technologies and complex environments in which solar systems are now required to operate in, a significant amount of ongoing training and education is required in order to maintain a skilled workforce that is able to understand, install and maintain these systems.

Our workforce must include skilled technicians who have at least a foundational understanding of devices that are not necessarily a part of your system, but must also be functioning properly in order for your system as a whole to work. Such devices might include things like: modems, wi-fi, routers, electrical, dynamic DNS hosting, cellular repeaters/boosters, and multiple mobile device platforms (OS’s).

Many (if not all) of these services and/or devices were not required in order for your solar system to function or communicate properly just a few short years ago, but are now critical for proper operation and full functionality of the system.

The ability to offer these latest available technologies and solutions to our customers, and to be able to maintain a skilled workforce capable of installing and maintaining these systems, are among the primary reasons we have implemented this new Customer Care Package. 

These plans will help you dictate the costs associated with the servicing needs of your system, and will help us maintain the high level of service and fast response times we try very hard as your LOCAL provider to give to all of our customers. 

All customers received a letter with the opportunity to choose to Upgrade the plan you were automatically enrolled in, or to OP-OUT of the Care Plan packages. We encourage those who are concerned about costly unexpected service calls to take advantage of the peace of mind the Preferred and VIP plans offer. To avoid any automatic enrollment or charges, please return this slip to us at our office by Sept. 1st 2021. 

I want to sincerely thank you for your time and for being a customer of our company. We love what we do at Pur Solar & Electrical and we love taking good care of our customers. If you do choose to opt-out of your new care plans rest assured we will still treat you as the valued customer that you are, you will simply not be able to take advantage of the cost savings these plans offer on service labor and parts, or the priority scheduling offered to those customers who are enrolled in a plan. Again, we thank you and as always, feel free to reach out to us at our local office if you have any questions.


Travis Purinton- President of Pur Solar & Electrical

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