Whole House Fans for Residential Homes

Arizona Authorized Whole House Fan Installers

Why are homeowners getting a new Whole House Fan?

As an Arizona resident, you probably don’t need to be told that your air conditioner is your home’s most expensive appliance. A Whole Home Fan can drastically cut your A/C-related electricity expenses. Most customers see a reduction by 50%-90% annually on their home energy bills.  These systems keep your home air feeling more fresh while also reducing your need to constantly run your A/C.

In fact, QuietCool whole house fans offer some of the fastest return on investment of any green home products on the market. At Pur Solar and Electrical, we recommend that everyone who owns a home get a QuietCool fan installed, because it’s one of the best money-saving investments you can make.

Get a return on your investment sooner!

ROI on Whole House Fans are only 1-3 years based on your current energy consumption and rates! What’s the ROI for your air conditioner? It takes 7-10 years before the coolness outweighs the expense.

Why Get A Whole Home Fan Installed?

  1. Home feel 5-10 degrees cooler instantly.
  2. Save 50%-90% on your monthly A/C costs.
  3. Expel airborne odors.
  4. Prolong the appliance life of your air conditioner.
  5. Ventilate your home all year long.
  6. Make your loving home a green home.
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