Commercial Solar Installation

Expertly Designed and Professionally Installed

Commercial Solar Installation Expertly Designed and Professionally Installed

Our knowledgeable energy consultants will work with you to design a commercial solar system to meet your energy needs, financial goals, and architectural style. Based on your goals, the business’ architecture, and the electrical infrastructure, the Pur Solar engineering team will then draft a set of custom blueprints for your commercial solar installation.

Our installers have years of solar industry experience and solar design knowledge. As an electrical contractor in the residential and commercial field we electrified 1000’s of projects in Serving all of Arizona.

Creative Commercial Solar Design:

Commercial solar systems can be installed in a variety of different ways, buildings, parking structures, ground mount, most people install solar design system on their roof. With creative solar installations you can maximize the amount of solar production by using the shading provided by PV panels, make the living space below cooler, such as patio covers and carports.

Every business is different, Pur Solar offers a variety of commercial solar installation designs to match your energy costs. Our professional installation team will build you a beautiful solar system to our incredibly high quality standards. Browse our Solar Projects to see the custom solar systems we’ve designed for other businesses.

Commercial Solar Installation Process:

Receive a Free On-Site Energy Consultation

We will visit your commercial facility for an evaluation. The information we collect will be used to create a customized solar installation proposal. Pur Solar will spend the time to help you understand the solar electric installation and answer any other question you may have.

Proposal and Financing Proposals

Many factors including energy usage, available space, azimuth, tilt and shading is taken into consideration to maximize the value of solar. The proposal contains the cost of solar system, how the solar system incentives work and your return on the investment. All commercial solar designs comply with the National Electric Code and abide by local rules and regulations. Upon review, modification, and approval of your solar design, all construction permits will be obtained, renewable equipment will be ordered.

Commercial Solar Installation

A typical solar installation will take 5-10 days depending on size and complexity of the solar design. Experienced professional will begin installing your photovoltaic solar system. Pur Solar crews arrive each day and work in a respectful and courteous manner, leaving the site clean each evening.

System Maintenance and Warranty

When your commercial solar design is completed, you will receive a “Warranty Package” that consists of system drawings, warranty information, self-maintenance instructions, product specifications, and instructions for inspecting your solar system for optimal energy generation. Pur Solar will support your system’s ongoing operation, address post installation concerns, and help analyze your system’s performance throughout the years of the warranty period.

Utility Company Interconnection

The utility company comes out and approves the interconnection of your commercial solar design to their grid and meter. Once the utility signs off, you will enjoy of the benefits of “net metering”. The job is done!

Installation Only Service

Pur Solar also offers installation only service for both residential and commercial applications. We understand that some business owners may have purchased a solar system elsewhere and are looking for a qualified installer. Sometimes this task is more involved and difficult than you might have thought. Contact Pur Solar AZ today and let us install your solar system for you.

Maintenance and Support

Pur Solar provides electrical maintenance contracts with every solar system we sell. We insure that your commercial solar design is well maintained and running at optimal levels. In addition, we provide web monitoring of these systems at additional costs.

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