Commercial Solar FAQs
Power your business with Green Energy!
How can Pur Solar help you GoGreen so you can save green?

The cost and payback of electric solar panels can vary largely from one business to the next, depending on the size of the solar system, but also on the location and structure of the business. Purchasing a residential or commercial solar system is far more than a commitment to sustainable energy, it is an investment that will pay for itself through the savings on your electrical bill.

What is the Arizona Solar Devices Sales Tax Exemption?
Arizona provides state tax incentives for the retail sale or installation of “solar energy devices,” with the Green Choice Solar Rebates. Retail sales of solar energy devices are exempt from “sales” tax, plus installations of such devices under the prime contracting classification. Certain state income tax credits are also available.
What are some commercial rebates and credits that may be available?

Many states and utility companies have created solar tax credit and rebate programs to encourage residential and commercial owners to lower their energy usage by purchasing a solar systems.

Federal Tax Credit: Investment Tax Credit (ITC) allows individuals to deduct 30% of the cost of a solar system from individual federal income taxes.

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Where can my commercial solar panels be installed?

Commercial solar systems can be installed in a variety of different ways, buildings, parking structures, ground mount, most people install solar design system on their roof. With creative solar installations you can maximize the amount of solar production by using the shading provided by PV panels, make the living space below cooler.

Every business is different, Pur Solar offers a variety of commercial solar installation designs to match your energy costs. Our professional installation team will build you a beautiful solar system to our incredibly high quality standards.

What is the Commercial Solar Installation Process?
Receive a Free On-Site Energy Consultation

We will visit your commercial facility for an evaluation. The information we collect will be used to create a customized solar installation proposal. Pur Solar will spend the time to help you understand the solar electric installation and answer any other question you may have.

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Do you offer maintenance and support?
Pur Solar provides electrical maintenance contracts with every solar system we sell. We insure that your commercial solar design is well maintained and running at optimal levels. In addition, we provide web monitoring of these systems at an additional cost.

Our monthly APS bill has been reduced significantly with the installation of our solar panel array.

“We are extremely pleased with our renewable energy investment and contribution to saving the planet. Additionally, I would like to obtain a Pur Solar & Electrical sign to display in our front yard – for marketing!”

Daniel V

Village of Oak Creek, Arizona

At Pur Solar, we strive to keep customers happy. After all, it’s the only way we can stay in business for 40 years.

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