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What Solar Equipment do You Need for a Solar Electric System?

What Solar Equipment do You Need for a Solar Electric System?

A solar electrical system has to have full exposure to sunlight where the installation will be. The entire solar panel must be in exposed to the sunlight for the panels to work properly. If there is plenty of sun available, harnessing the sun’s energy can be done by putting together just a few components. A solar system can be designed from either perspective – how much power is needed or how much money to spend.

The Basics Four Pieces of Solar Energy Equipment

Solar Panels

Solar panels are the most significant of all the solar energy equipment. They are needed to harness the energy that is being generated by the sun to produce the power.


Another piece of solar energy equipment is the battery, which is designed to discharge and recharge energy countless times on a given day. So if the sun isn’t shining the battery storage will provide consistent power supply. Solar batteries are recommended as they are designed to be charged and discharged repeatedly.

Charge Controller

In high sun exposure the voltage produced by the solar panels has the potential to damage the batteries. Solar energy equipment to prevent overcharging a charge controller is required to regulate the charge, ultimately increasing battery life and performance.

Power Inverter

A power inverter is solar energy equipment needed unless on battery power exclusively. There are two uses for a power inverter, one is to convert low voltage DC to the 120 volts AC needed for appliances, the other is to charge batteries if connected to a utility grid or an AC Generator.

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