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Make Renewable Energy Part of Your Business
Solar Options

Solar Panels

Solar panels to absorb sunlight and produce clean, renewable energy that powers your business and reduces your electricity bill.

LiFePO4 Batteries

Backup your servers for grid outages with this non-combustible, 100% DOD lithium iron phosphate battery that lasts for over 20 years.

Ground Mount or Roof Mount

Cap your overhead business costs and reduce your carbon footprint with solar carports and other commercial energy solutions.

Solar Tax Incentives that Make Good Business Sense

Purchasing a commercial solar system is far more than just a commitment to sustainable energy. It is an investment that will pay for itself through the savings on your electricity bill.

Additionally, it improves your brand image in the minds of the consumers. About 25-30% of Americans regularly and proactively make their purchase decisions based on the environmental impact of a business and its products. More than a quarter of the total consumers are now willing to pay an additional price for those products that use renewable electricity and energy.

Below are the 7 Funding Incentives Offered:

  • Federal Tax Credit (26%)
  • Individual State Rebates (AZ $25,000)
  • Property Tax Exemptions
  • 10% Corporate Solar Tax Credit
  • Solar Energy Property Tax Exemption
  • Arizona State Tax Incentives
  • Municipal and Utility Rebates

Owning a business is all about maximizing one’s profit. For commercial property owners looking to cut costs, reduce overheads, save on utility bills, and maximize profits, replacing traditional energy sources with solar power is one of the best decisions that they can make. And many are doing just that.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association an increasing number of commercial property owners are turning towards solar power each year, and those that already have one are adding more panels to their system.

However, many of them still have questions about its viability and ease of implementation. Which is why we have mentioned below the pros and cons of installing one along with the different types of systems available and the four steps that complete the process of going solar.

Pros and Cons of Installing Solar Panels

Important points to consider while making the decision:

Installing solar panels on a commercial property has several benefits. It primarily:

  • Reduces operating costs
  • Stabilizes energy costs in long-run
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Improves brand image as it is environment friendly
  • Needs less maintenance

There are also a few drawbacks. However, each one also has a silver lining to it:

  • May require roof or electrical system upgrade (which is where Pur Solar & Electrical comes in)
  • High upfront costs (set off against state rebates and tax incentives)
  • Reliance on sunny weather (AZ tops the list in the US with Yuma being the sunniest place on earth)
  • Uncertainty with respect to the APS decisions (another reason to own your power)

Not surprisingly, most of the commercial property owners find that the benefits of going solar far outweigh its drawbacks.

6 Types of Commercial Systems

Solar technology has evolved significantly through the years and there’s a lot to keep up with. As of now, there are seven different types of commercial systems which you can consider for your property:

  • Carports: For commercial property owners who can’t install panels on their roofs, carports are a great way to generate power. They also provide covered parking.
  • Flat rooftop systems: Business owners can choose between three types of flat rooftop tilt-up systems: attached, ballast, and a hybrid of the two.
  • Slanted rooftop systems: If your roof is sloped, this type of solar panel is for you.
  •  Ground systems: If rooftop systems are not an option, you can install solar panels in the vacant space of your property.
  •  Tracker systems: These are designed to follow the path of the sun and extract maximum amount of energy.
  • Artistic systems: Arranged in visually pleasing ways, these panels make a fashion statement by themselves.

The type of system you choose will depend upon your energy needs and the existing infrastructure.

4 Simple Steps to go Solar

Solar Consultation

We meet you at your site, collect the data, measure the area, and propose which type of panel will suit your needs. For a quick consultation, fill out the form here.


System Design

Our design team will get to work, create a custom solar solution, as well as obtain the required installation permits.



Once you’re happy with the agreement you may sign the proposal, make a down payment, and provide us with your APS login information.



Depending upon your project size, the installation can take about 7-14 days. Once it is complete, APS shows up within two weeks.

We are extremely pleased with our renewable energy investment!

“We are extremely pleased with our renewable energy investment and contribution to saving the planet. Additionally, I would like to obtain a Pur Solar & Electrical sign to display in our front yard – for marketing!”

Daniel V

Village of Oak Creek, Arizona

At Pur Solar, we strive to keep customers happy. After all, that’s the only one way we have managed to stay in business for the last 50 years.

Find Out How Much Pur Solar Can Save You!

For a detailed discussion about your options, feel free to reach out to us and speak with a qualified professional.

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