SMA, TS4-R-O, Optimizer Module, Optimization, Monitoring & RSD, Add-on- Module for 1 PV Module, Max 90Voc, 12A, 1.0m MC-4 cable, 15A Fuse, NEC 2014 RSD Compliant when used with, Cloud Connect & Gateway, -40/TL22 SMA inverters, 471-00252-40

The TS4-R module technology is a cost-effective system that fits into any PV module design, making it the right solution for every application. TS4-R ensures maximum energy yields and configuration flexibility; only fit the modules affected by partial shading or output loss. Tool free installation and selective deployment saves you time and risk whilst allowing for simple upgrades at any time. With TSR-4 you can be sure of maximum energy yields, system reliability and minimum maintenance costs. Whether for shading, shutdown, different module configurations and other challenges, TS4-R is the ultimate solution.

TS4-R Progressive Functionality

The TS4-R platform offers integrated power electronics with various functions. Functionality increases with each unit.

With the Monitoring function, the entire PV system can be monitored at the module level. Faults on individual modules, such as those caused by dirt, are displayed and can be rectified quickly. The Shutdown function enables the PV system to be switched off at the module level. U sing the Optimization function, the power of the PV system can be boosted even in partial shading or with different module configurations.


  • System Optimization – Yields boosted in partial shading and different module configurations. Module-level shutdown. Module-level monitoring.
  • Ultimate Flexibility & Reliability – Selective Deployment of DC optimizers as needed. Compatible with all standard modules. Reduced operation and maintenance costs thanks to less components. Long service life due to demand specific bypass operation. Comprehensive SMA service for the entire system.
  • Fast Installation – Faster installation thanks to fewer components. Easy installation on the ground reduces roof time.