Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Solar panels are an expensive investment that is rarely seen utilized at the consumer level.  A lot of people show interest in using them but aren’t exactly sure whether purchasing a solar power system is worth it.  The upfront cost for a primary 5,000-watt system is $15,000 or more, and without knowledge of how precisely solar power will benefit them, most people aren’t willing to gamble with that much money.  The truth is that whether or not solar panels are worth it will differ from person to person depending on one’s values.  In this article, we are going to look at three categories of people who can benefit from solar power.

The Environment-Friendly

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’re aware of the big debate over global warming.  According to scientists, our reliance on fossil fuels is resulting in widespread air pollution that is causing the earth’s temperature to rise over time steadily.  Also, this air pollution leaves many sick due to the harmful chemicals which are pumped into the air.  Consider countries such as China and Korea which suffer from a “yellow dust” epidemic every year.  Locals there will tell you that smoke from factories is changing the color of the sky and requiring them to wear surgical masks during certain times of the year to help prevent cancer.

If you are the type of person who strives to be eco-friendly and wants to protect mother earth, then yes, solar panels are worth it.  Solar energy is clean energy that does not leave an imprint on the environment.  By investing in solar panels, you can combat climate change and help reduce the number of cancer-causing particles emitted into the air.  It’s a way to be environment-friendly and make an effort to preserve the earth for generations to come; thus, if taking care of the planet is one of your core values, switching to solar power is a great idea.

The Smart Investors

The average cost of electricity per household each month is $110.  Though this may not seem like much compared to the high price of solar panels, it adds up over time.  Couple this with the fact that the price of electricity is rising each year; there is no telling how much we will be paying to power all of our gadgets in the future.  Part of this is because the main energy sources we currently use are finite.  They will not last forever, and as we begin to run out of earth’s precious resources, the rules of supply and demand will kick in.  Eventually, we will be paying outrageous prices just to keep our living room lights on unless we turn to alternative sources of energy.

Another reason solar panels can be worth it is if you are planning on using them for a long time.  This is because, in the long run, you will end up saving money on electricity.  Solar panels are a hefty investment, but statistics show that if you use them for 25+ years, you will save thousands of dollars.  Especially for those who have a home they plan on staying in for the remainder of their lifetime, solar panels can be a smart purchase.  It may take years to recoup the money spent on installing a solar power system, but in time, it is sure to pay off.

The Unplugged

I’m sure you’ve heard about those who want to live off the grid.  For those people, solar power is a blessing, as solar power can help them be fully self-sufficient and dodge the cost of utilities altogether.  Solar panels are a staple of off the grid living, and while those who choose to live this way are few and far between, solar power is more than worth it for them.  In some cases, this is the only way they have can get access to electricity.  It’s a perfect solution for this kind of lifestyle.

Final Words

If you fall into one, two, or all of the categories of people described above, then solar panels are worth it.  Solar panels help protect the environment, save money, and keep you off the grid if need be.  If you are considering using solar panels because it is trendy or doesn’t plan on using them for a long time, then you’re better off sticking with what you already have.  Incorporating them into your way of living is a significant change, and you have to ask yourself whether or not taking the step to use them is in line with your values or not.  Do you want to help the environment?  Do you want to save money?  Do you want to live off the grid?  Think carefully and choose accordingly.

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