Are Used Solar Panels Worth It

A solar power system is not a cheap investment, and it’s for this very reason that a lot of consumers wonder if buying a used system will give them the results they’re looking for at a lower price.  Whether through eBay or Amazon, you can easily find used solar panels at discount prices but are they any good?  Let’s take a look.  

The Good

The main reason used solar panels are advantageous is because they are much cheaper.  On eBay, used panels are 28% cheaper than new ones, and this is a huge discount when you consider how things add up.  For new panels, you would pay $1000 for ten 100 watt panels; whereas, used, you would pay just over $700 for them.  

The Bad

Some say that used solar panels are more trouble than they’re worth.  Often, they may come with defects that hinder their efficiency, and this could result in you needing to buy more used panels to achieve the same results you would get with less new ones.  Since solar technology is continually improving, it is highly plausible that current solar panels will be sold at discount prices sooner than later.  In other words, you’ll be able to buy new panels in the future sold at the used prices of today.

And finally, used solar panels will not come with a warranty.  When you buy new ones, you will usually secure a warranty on them that lasts for several years.  Most solar panel owners expect their panels to last for 20+ years; a warranty offers a degree of security in that investment.  You just don’t get this with used equipment.    

The Verdict

Experts recommend buying new solar panels over used panels; it seems that the bad aspects of used panels outweigh the good.  However, this does not mean that used panels are entirely useless; used solar panels are great for small projects.  In the case where you need to power an individual item or charge a battery, they will get the job done.  On the other hand, if you’re looking to install a solar power system that will power your entire home, investing in new equipment will save you a headache.  In conclusion, used solar panels are useful and definitely have their place, but go with new panels if the budget affords it.  While used panels may have their place, that place is somewhat restricted with yellow tape.

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